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Decontamination containers (CBRN) / HAZMAT

Containerized Decontamination Unit

Responding to a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) incident always means providing some form of decontamination. The potential threats have increased, and with it the need for decontamination systems for Firefighters, Government en Defence forcers.

We have played a leading role in the field of decontamination for many years. Starting with the construction of decontamination containers and vehicles specifically suited for this task.


These special hook-lift containers and/or vehicles are fully engineered and built in cooperation with the end user by our experienced team and are suitable for the decontamination of gas and chemical suit carriers as well as tools that are exposed to contamination, but if desired also for the decontamination of persons.

Here you have the choice between a so-called water decontamination system with appropriate additives, but also from an active foam decontamination system. The latter technique, called deFcon (BMT DeconFoam), requires significantly less water and there is virtually no aerosol risk.

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In addition to (hot) water facilities, showers and, in some cases, a decontamination possibility for persons on a stretcher, our decontamination units are often equipped with a breathing air buffer system for the decontaminators. These breathing air systems are designed and built in by our specialists and then delivered with PED approval.

Optionally, it is possible to provide the decontamination container with an automatic horizontal positioning system and even to carry out the combination of a hook-lift system with an ISO container system.


  • Built on a steel hook skid with reinforced bottom frame.
  • Can be built completely according to customer specifications.
  • Very solid body construction, torsion-resistant design.
  • Suitable for various decontamination systems, from inducers to automatic active foam systems.
  • Equipped with approved breathing air systems.
  • Can also be used in the context of “clean working”.
  • Can be provided with various accessories including automatic horizontal positioning.

Know more about this product?

Martin Hulleman

Senior Product Manager

+ 31 412-695550

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  • Ready for deployment within 10 minutes
  • Can be used for decontamination of persons and equipment as well as for Occupational Hygiene (Clean Work)
  • Customization to customer requirement




Know more about this product?

Martin Hulleman

Senior Product Manager

+ 31 412-695550


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