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Based in Oss, BMT Fire & Rescue B.V., with a team of approx. 7 mechanics and 2 service vehicles, provides a wide range of service options, varying from preventive and corrective maintenance of your fleet to complete modification of your vehicle, container or extinguishing system. For this purpose we have a modern and well-equipped service workshop at our disposal in Oss, where a team of well-trained mechanics carry out all work and repairs, but it is also possible to have maintenance work carried out at your premises, provided that the work permits this.

BMT has a mobile pump test installation at its disposal with which pump capacity tests can be carried out both on location and in our workshop.

The mechanics responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of fire engines and containers have years of experience in the maintenance of vehicles, containers and extinguishing systems. This high level of knowledge combined with continuous training means that BMT has a very experienced team of mechanics who are familiar with almost all common brands and types of fire engines and extinguishing systems.

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BMT service system:

BMT has its own “Service Management” system whereby a digital history is built up for each object (vehicle, extinguishing system, containers, etc.). The system indicates when an object must be serviced in accordance with previous agreements with the client. This ensures that products whose availability must be guaranteed receive the right maintenance at the right time. It is also possible for the user to get insight into the work performed, certificates, pump tests, etc. through their own portal.

Brand-independent preventive maintenance:

Very intensive use of your vehicle or container can cause extra wear and tear on vital parts. To prevent this wear from leading to a defect, we can schedule preventive maintenance in time, so that your fire engine or hook-lift container always functions optimally.

Brand-independent Corrective Maintenance:

If a defect occurs on one of your vehicles or containers, one of our service technicians will visit you to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Damage to your vehicle or hook-lift container:

It is always annoying when you have damage to your vehicle or container. We can perform damage repairs for you very quickly and professionally. We have many components of various fire trucks in stock, and parts we do not have in stock we can have in house quickly so that your vehicle or container will be back in service quickly.

Brand-Independent Midlife Updates:

Safety equipment in the firefighting world is constantly evolving, so it may be that after a few years your vehicle no longer meets the required safety equipment. BMT can carry out a so-called “midlife update” so that your vehicle is “up-to-date” again.

Of course we can carry out all kinds of updates on existing vehicles and containers of all makes. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Unique specialism:

In addition to performing regular maintenance on vehicles, containers or fire pumps, we are the only authorized dealer of One Seven® extinguishing systems in the Netherlands and the Western part of Germany and perform maintenance and calibration on this unique compressed air foam system (DLS). A unique specialism which must be carried out by real specialists who have the proper professional maintenance equipment and knowledge and experience of the systems, not least because you expect at all times that the correct extinguishing medium will emerge from the nozzle during a deployment.

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Emergency Assistance:

In case of calamities to your vehicle outside of office hours, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our emergency service number. This means that you can always count on our help outside of the office, should you need it.

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The “Service Ride”

Especially for those of you who have your fire engine serviced at our location, we offer the opportunity to use the Service Ride. The Service Ride is a special car that can be used to reduce your maintenance costs, since you only need to use 1 driver. Of course it is also possible to make use of our pick-up and delivery service, whereby BMT arranges the complete transport for you.


De “Service Ride”

Speciaal voor diegenen onder u die hun brandweervoertuig op onze locatie laten onderhouden, bieden wij de mogelijkheid om gebruik te maken van de Service Ride. De Service Ride is een speciale auto die gebruikt kan worden om uw onderhoudskosten te beperken, aangezien u maar 1 chauffeur hoeft in te zetten. Daarnaast is het in onderling overleg uiteraard ook mogelijk om gebruik te maken van onze haal- en brengservice, waarbij BMT het volledige transport voor u regelt.

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