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Fluorine free foaming agent

BMT has been a dealer of the renowned brands One Seven and VS Focum for over 25 years.
All of the firefighting foams offered by BMT are available Fluorine free.

In addition, the VS Focum Boldfoam, Silvara, WhitEx and B-Water and the foams from One Seven, in addition to being fluorine free, are also completely silicone free.

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0.6% Fluorinated Class B (non-polar & polar)

One Seven Class B (AFFF-AR) 0.6%

1,0% Fluorine-free Class B (A-Polar liquids) & Class A

One Seven Class B (FF) 1,0% 1,0% Fluorine-free

0.5% Fluorine free Class B (A-Polar liquids) & Class A

One Seven Class B (FF) 0,5% Fluorine free

0.3 % Fluorine-free Class A & B (A-polar liquids)

One Seven Class A 0,3% Fluorine-free

B-water is a wetting and cooling agent made of hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents and additives.


Fluorine Free Alcohol Resistant Class B & A (Also AFFF/AR)

VS Focum Silvara APC+ 3×3% Class B & A (Also AFFF/AR)

Fluorine-free alternative to AFFF/AR fire-fighting foam

VS Focum Silvara APC1 Class B Polar 1% / 3%

The world's first Newtonian 1% fluoride-free foam concentrate!

VS Focum Silvara I Class A & B Newtonian (Hydrocarbons) 1%/3% Fluorine free

Silvara ZFK is a fluorine-free newtonian foam concentrate with a low viscosity


Fluorine-free newtonian foam concentrate with low viscosity for extinguishing hydrocarbon and solid fires.

VS Focum Silvara Core Class A 0,2% & B 0,3% Fluorine free (CAFS)

Versatile foam concentrate suitable for High, Medium and Low expansion

VS Focum BoldFoam M2 Multiexpansion Foam Class A & B 2% Fluorine-free

Suitable for Class A fires - Low viscosity

VS Focum WhitEx Class A 0.1 – 1% Fluorine free


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