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About us

Besides being a specialist in the field of fire fighting equipment, we are also the premium partner of Schmitz One Seven GmbH for the delivery, installation and maintenance of compressed air foam One Seven systems in the Netherlands as well as the German states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Through the acquisition of IFFS (Innovative Firefighting Systems), BMT’s product portfolio has been expanded since 2021 to include water trucks, hose management systems, water transport systems, foam fire fighting vehicles and tankers.

In addition, we represent the French Gimaex / Desautel group in the field of industrial fire fighting vehicles and natural fire fighting vehicles (CCFM) for the Dutch market and WISS Firefighting for a broad palet of Firefighting and Emergency vehicles. And we are a compliance partner of the Mercedes Benz group and thus have direct access to all the technical know-how of this global concern.

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Our intent

We deliberately opt for a customer-oriented and practice-conscious approach, which means that everything that leaves our production workshop is unique and is developed and produced in close cooperation with the respective customer. From our facility we produce, renovate, maintain and deliver fast response vehicles, compact fire engines, but also command vehicles and various types of hook arm containers for different applications to fire departments, first responder organizations, the industry, but also police forces and defense forces at home and abroad.

All of them are high quality Dutch products that prove themselves daily in practice, because they are tailored to the requirements and wishes of the user down to the smallest detail.



Over the years, we have specialized in the development and construction of compact, rapidly deployable fire-fighting vehicles (SIV2, SIV4 and TS4), which, through the application of, among other things, the One Seven compressed-air foam extinguishing technology, deliver outstanding extinguishing performances. In addition, we also provide installation of CAFS One Seven systems in existing or new fire engines of various makes.


In addition to firefighting vehicles, we have been producing and refurbishing hooklift containers for many years for a variety of tasks, such as Breathing Air Containers, Decontamination Containers, Dangerous Goods Containers and Extinguishing Containers. These custom-built containers are manufactured in our own workshop from a torsion-resistant steel main structure with sandwich and/or aluminum paneling. Ease of use, durability and functionality come together in these containers fully fitted out by us.


We also have extensive experience in the construction of specialist decontamination containers, which are used both in the Netherlands and abroad. These decontamination containers use water decontamination and/or the active foam decontamination principle. The decontamination technique requires less water, preventing aerosol risks and considerably reducing the amount of waste. This deFcon foam technique is available for the decontamination of technical equipment (including protective clothing) as well as for personal (skin) decontamination and is available in a stationary as well as a mobile version.

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Besides Premium Partner Schmitz One Seven GmbH in the field of mobile One Seven pressure air foam systems for the Netherlands and a part of Germany, we are also, for more than 15 years, the Dutch contact partner in the field of (semi) stationary One Seven extinguishing systems. These extinguishing systems are used in a variety of industrial environments, helipads, wind farms, storage of hazardous materials and waste processing plants.


You can also come to us for the fitting out of specific command and control units, picket, fire investigation and first responder vehicles. Many such vehicles for various (government) services have left our workshop over the years.


For many years we have also supplied fully customized trolleys for logistics solutions for (industrial) fire brigades and other rescue services. These include breathing apparatus trolleys for a breathing apparatus routing system in a breathing apparatus workshop, for example, but also trolleys for storing and transporting rescue equipment in large-scale mobile units, for example.


In addition to taking care of the maintenance of your One Seven systems and all other products manufactured by us, we can also take care of the entire maintenance of, for example, a fire engine or a hook-lift container, even if they are not manufactured by us.


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Senior Productmanager

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Marketing Manager