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One Seven Class B (FF) 1,0% 1,0% Fluorine-free

1,0% Fluorine-free Class B (A-Polar liquids) & Class A

Mixing ratio


Freeze protection

-5 ºC


Class B (A-Polar liquids) & Class A

Certified standards

EN 1568-1, EN 1568-3 (I-B)

Complies with standards

EN 1568-1, EN 1568-2, EN 1568-3 (I-B)

Works in expansion

CAFS, Low, medium, high
For questions or orders Simply contact

Martin Hulleman

Senior Product Manager

+ 31 412-695550

More information

DIN EN 1568-3:2000 (I-B)
Mixing rate
Density (20o C)
1.11 g/cm3
PH Value
7,0 +/- 9,0
Dynamic Viscosity
< 50 (mPas)
Frost resistance
-7 oC
Storage temperature
-7 oC / 50 oC
Usable with both fresh water and sea water


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